Indulge in French pastries and deserts

Who doesn't love a warm, buttery, crumbly croissant or pain au chocolat? What meal isn't finished off to perfection with an indulgent frangipane or tray of choux buns? Let Sweet Delices in Tunbridge Wells really elevate your breakfast, lunch or supper with our tasty treats.


Dreaming of a little French patisserie or counter display of exquisite desserts?

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Table piled with French pastries

Treat yourself to a dessert worthy of Marie Antoinette with Sweet Delices 

Perhaps 'let them eat cake' wasn't the wisest thing to have said, but Marie Antoinette certainly knew the intoxicating delights of French pastries and desserts. From a warm pain au raisin to a Paris Brest, the French are rightly famous for their outstanding pastry skills. At Sweet Delices in Tunbridge Wells we aim to bring un petit peu of that French tradition closer to your door.


French pastries ideal for an indulgent breakfast or brunch at home or work

Want to make your weekend breakfast extra special? Got a work meeting coming up and want to impress staff or clients? What better way than with a freshly baked tray of pastries? All our pastries are made using traditional techniques, the highest quality of ingredients (including lots of butter, though vegan options are available which taste just as good - we promise!) and plenty of Gallic flair and love.  

Stunning Paris Brest with hazelnut cream and dusted with sugar

Desserts to impress any guest

Whoever your guests are going to be, however discerning we guarantee they will be impressed with our superb desserts. You can choose from something simple like a cheesecake or really go to town with individual fruit tarts, mirror glazed cakes or a real show stopper in the shape of a Paris Brest. Made with as much love and care as our pastries and cakes, and using fabulous quality ingredients, we want the finest desserts to be within everyone's reach. With this in mind we can create vegan and gluten free options for those who are more limited - after all, why should you miss out?


Prices and options


  • Croissant - £2 each

  • Almond croissant - £3.50 each

  • Pain aux chocolat - £2.50 each

  • Pain au raisin - £2.50

  • Hazelnut chocolate cruffin (mix between a croissant and a muffin) - £2.50 each

We can also do a mixed pastry box at £25 which comes in a wrapped box and includes everything.

(all the above use butter but tasty vegan options are available on request)


  • Paris Brest - from £45

  • Choux - minimum order of 10 - from £2 each - flavours include chocolate, vanilla, coffee, lavender and many more

  • Frangipane - £30 - 6-8 portions

  • Cheesecakes - £40 - 6-8 portions

  • Fruit tarts - £40 - serves 6-8

  • Mirror glazed cakes - £50 - 6-8 portions

  • Mille feuille - P.O.A (did you know that mille feuille translates to a thousand leaves?)

To discuss your pastry or dessert requirements please don't hesitate to contact Sweet Delices in Tunbridge Wells today.

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